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Need a space? Visualize it… and find it!

Our application was developed with the goal of being used as little as possible. Your teams connect, visualize the space they need and go occupy it. It’s as simple as that.
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Find the right place

From the floor plan

You just need to access the floor view to see the available spaces in real time.  If you have several buildings, you can look in them as well thanks to the Google Map View.

Through a multi-criteria search

Plan future bookings based on your criteria: date, time, resource type and its capacity for example.

By scanning a QR code

Interested in a room?  You can scan the QR code on the door to find out if it’s reserved, or when it will be free.

Book a meeting room

With or without extras?

Simply book with one click or specify who will be present, if you need refreshments or a particular room layout.

From your calendar

Jooxter works with your existing software. You are then able to book a room directly from your usual calendars: Outlook, Office 365, and Google Calendar.

According to your rules

Set up the rules according to the rooms’ actual use. You can set limits for booking a room in advance, a maximum use time or owner validation for example.

Occupy a space

Real-time availability

Jooxter permanently updates collaborative spaces’ availability. You can then know which space is occupied, or not, in real time.

Automatic updates

As soon as a user takes their place, the space is shown as occupied in Jooxter.  The application works with occupancy sensors, no input needed. Your talent just needs to sit and stay focused on what’s important.

Available as soon as it’s empty

When a space is freed up, it is automatically shown as free after 3 minutes.
Therefore, spaces are more agile, and so are your teams.

Your workplace

Your floor plans

By integrating your building maps, you have a simple visualization, efficient and relevant to your teams.

Your words

Every company has its own expressions. With Jooxter, you can name each space with the terms your collaborators are already using. It will facilitate the integration.

Your access rights

Simply manage the places that different users and spaces groups can access.

Ready to simplify your space’s usage ?

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