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Transform your spaces along with your ways of working

Users are looking for more agility and mobility. By implementing Flex Office, shared offices or collaborative spaces, you will improve your talent’s involvement.
Initiate the transformation

With Jooxter, the spaces’ intelligence becomes collective intelligence

Redefine your ways of working

Give a function to each space thanks to the multiple settings available: Flex Office and shared offices for mobility, or collaborative spaces for teams. You encourage your talent to exchange more and be more agile.

Support the change

Users are independent thanks to the web and mobile apps. They find the resources that match their need in real time, on or off-site. You support the transformation by simplifying their experience.

Monitoring the real impacts

Analyze data in order to better understand the use of spaces and follow the success of your project. If needed, you will be able to adjust the usage settings in order to maximize results.

How will you work today?

Flex office

Are your teams agile? Spaces have to be also. Flex Office reduces the number of resources and improves collaborative spaces. Your talent chooses their spaces according to their activities.


Your talent is often distributed across your different sites.  Facilitate mobility by connecting all the buildings to Jooxter. Your teams will be able to book a space wherever they are.

Shared office

We estimate that individual offices are empty more than 30% of the time.  By sharing them during those periods, you free up new meeting spaces for your teams and break down hierarchical barriers.

Collaborative space

These unbookable spaces facilitate informal meetings and collaborative work between teams. Jooxter displays their availability in real time in order to find one without losing productivity.

Supporting you every step of the way

Jooxter experts support you during the entire integration: from installation to full use. We also have resources and advice to share with you to improve your projects’ impact and team well-being.

Change your ways of working

Initiate the transformation