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Make each square foot profitable

50% of offices are unoccupied during the day. But real estate is the second-biggest expense for companies. It is time to maximize your building performance.
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Get more space without pushing back the walls

Get back wasted square feet

“There are no available meeting rooms, but they are always empty”. This sentence probably rings a bell. Get those misused spaces back by cancelling unconfirmed bookings and moving to collaborative spaces.

Occupy new spaces

Turning individual offices into collective spaces by sharing them. Centralizing and moving to Flex Office to reduce the number of fixed positions per department.

Analyze and act

Jooxter analyses building occupancy through a clear and relevant dashboard. You will be able to understand the use of space and make each square foot profitable by reassigning a function to each misused area.

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With Jooxter, buildings become smart

Centralized analysis

Jooxter doesn’t only simplify spaces square foot by square foot.  It also offers a global view of how your real estate is used.  It is an essential tool for optimizing all of your buildings.

Precise management

Jooxter’s solution allows a building manager to open and close spaces at precise times, and for short periods.  The goal is to reduce meeting room energy costs and related staff costs like cleaning.

Reliable data

Collected data is based on real-time metrics from occupancy sensors. This data is paired with internal tools for a more precise analysis.

And exportable

Jooxter can make your exported data available through our APIs, or in CSV format.  You will then be able to integrate this data into your applications and analyze the information in comparison with your other statistics.

Supporting you every step of the way

Jooxter experts support you during the entire integration: from installation to full use. We also have resources and advice to share with you to improve your projects’ impact and team well-being.

Increasing your space availability by over 20%

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