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The manager, the forgotten one of the hybrid model?

During this webinar, our experts discussed the evolution of the manager's job in parallel with hybrid work modes and the importance of the latter.

The middle-manager, at the center of the company's organization, seems to have suffered the consequences of a hybrid work mode.

Its central role is becoming less enviable but increasingly crucial in this period of transition to new ways of working.

In this webinar, we will define the term middle-manager and its objectives in a hybrid model. We will also discuss the key factors to help managers in this transition with :

- The complexity of the middle-manager role 📔

- Digital tools, a considerable help 📱

- The opportunity of hybrid mode 🏠

For the occasion, we are delighted to welcome :

  • David Satta, Senior Manager at Square Management
  • Alexandre Delpierre, Sales Director at Jooxter

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Senior Manager at Square Management


Sales director at Jooxter