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Understand spaces usage to make them more profitable

Analyze usage for different spaces to make correct and relevant decisions. You will then be able to optimize your square footage, save money and improve employee experience.
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Follow your performance indicators

Fundamental ratios

With Jooxter, space is no longer used by coincidence.  Analyze booking ratios for each meeting room, spaces’ occupancy, and ghost bookings. You will also know how often rooms are empty.

Time scales

Track changes throughout the day, week, or even a month. You will then adapt room openings according peaks in activity and the movement of your teams.

Global view

Global vision will allow you to better detect areas and periods of high demand, and those with excess demand. In that case, you will find upstream solutions like renting external rooms.

Keys to better understand usage

Several perspectives

You can analyze room occupancy according to its location in the building, its type (meeting room, individual desk…) or its capacity.

Spaces demand

Analysis will show you the usage for each unit of space. This data will help you know if you have enough meeting rooms or collaborative spaces to meet real user demand.

Booking behaviors

Understanding how your rooms are booked will help you understand how your spaces are used. If a room is always booked at the last minute, you could transform it into a collaborative space, for example.

Are your employees adopting the change?

Over time

Track the number of Jooxter users, which app they use to connect and the number of bookings made.

User homogeneity

Through data, you will be able to see if the use of Jooxter’s app is evenly distributed between key users and occasional ones.


Discover how many users switched from web to mobile and follow teams’ transitions.

Refine your searches through filters


Analyze spaces’ occupancy over a period of time: from a day to a year.


Compare performance across all your buildings.


Target a particular type of space to better understand its use.


Explain the impact of a room’s size on its usage.

Jooxter respects personal data

Collected information and analysis provided by Jooxter are anonymous. A company isn’t able to identify a particular employee.
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