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Analyze your occupancy rates in real time 

Jooxter allows you to retrieve usage data from your spaces to understand your employees' habits and how your workspaces are actually used.

IoT as a partner to optimize your workspaces

Jooxter displays your occupancy rate, peak periods, anonymous people count, etc. on dashboards with the data collected via occupancy sensors to know your workspace usage:


Data to make decisions quickly

Collecting your office data is key to understanding your occupancy needs. Jooxter’s occupancy sensors provides you with this real time data.


Displaying your office usage on dashboards

Analysing your occupancy data is the first step in optimising your workspace. The Jooxter dashboards provides you with graphs in order to make data-informed decisions.

Web mock-up of Live Occupancy and mobile occupancy plan dashboards
reliable data

Your benefits

We have designed the offer to allow you to understand and optimize the use of your workspaces based on reliable and tangible data. Our offer guarantees you 3 advantages:

Easy and fast deployment

Autonomous presence detection sensors needing no building works or electricity connexion

Workplace analytics

Comprehensive data, clear KPI helping to make thorough data-driven decisions

Non-intrusive for the people working in the building

A discreet solution that will not interfere with the building usual life

They have optimised their workspace with Jooxter

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