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A team with one objective: your digital workplace experience

Our team is passionate about innovation and technology and uses its creativity to help organisations and teams deliver interoperable solutions.

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The Jooxter team

Scale-up and pioneer of Smart Occupancy

During his 20 years deploying smart building and workplace technologies for global clients, Fabien Girerd identified an unfulfilled need for a wireless, low-maintenance, integrated solution connected to the building operating systems to provide an intuitive experience.  

In 2014, Fabien started Jooxter in France to help clients manage flex desks and meeting rooms through wireless monitoring. The next natural iteration was to launch Live Occupancy®,Jooxter’s smart occupancy solution and an enterprise grade digital platform collecting live office occupancy data agnostically. Jooxter’s solution provides valuable insights to clients who are making data-informed decisions to optimize their office space. Over the years, Fabien built a diverse team to serve clients internationally leading Jooxter to be an award-winning start up in the Smart Building and a recognized expert in the PropTech sector in 2021.

As the pandemic accelerated the workplace paradigm shift, our team leveraged its ingenuity and agility to design new digital experiences. Jooxter is helping existing and new clients to navigate the hybrid work model challenges by creating reliable, flexible and scalable digital workplace solutions.  

Jooxter is more than ever focused on its vision to bring people together by taking a holistic approach to digital workplace to deliver key business outcomes. To its clients, Jooxter is a strategic partner to enable collaboration, understand office occupancy and facilitate the use and management of the best suited workspaces for employees and

Together with partners, we are creating an ecosystem to make your workplace smarter, every day. 

The milestones of Jooxter’s history


Jooxter’s creation at Euratechnologies.


Fundraising with Newfund and grand opening at Village by CA in Paris.

2019: Jooxter celebrates his 5th year since its creation

Partnership with Legrand and opening of our office at Hub@Luxembourg.

Jooxter's collaborative DNA 

Jooxter is first and foremost about expertise

Since its very beginning, Jooxter brought together a team of experts, passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Building. This expertise led Jooxter to become a reference in the Smart Office market, by developing the “Smart Occupancy” service brick.

Developers, marketers, sales developers, and engineers work together to strengthen and continue to improve the solution.

We guarantee a dedicated support throughout all our projects. Our experts carefully personalise each project from the very begining. They create the project, deploy and launch it, and then provide constant support and improvement to our clients. 

We also take part in many events in our sphere of activity.

Over 100,000 employees use Jooxter, do you?

Everyday we make our clients’ and users’ workplace smarter

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