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What are the benefits of Workplace Experience?

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optimized space

with our attendance confirmation system.

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time saved

in the search for spaces with instant access.

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cost reduction

thanks to space optimization.

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increase in satisfaction

employees with flexible planning.

Locate a space in the blink of an eye

Discover and book the perfect space with our interactive floor plan. Whether you're looking for a quiet corner to concentrate or a meeting room to exchange ideas, find it instantly and book it effortlessly.

Maximize every square metre

Our presence confirmation system ensures that every workspace is used to its full potential. Our intuitive interface and real-time notifications enable efficient, adaptive management of your resources.

Your week, your workplace

Whether you opt for the dynamism of the office or the comfort of home, organize your week with flexibility. Select your preferred workplace and let our system prepare it for you, whether on-site or remotely.

Understand your spaces and your teams

With our detailed dashboard, gain valuable insights into your space utilization. Discover trends, adjust configurations and optimize occupancy to best meet your team's needs.

Your space, your rules

Configure access rights, confirmation times and much more for each space. Create a working environment that reflects your company's specific needs and culture.

Putting your preferences first

Optimize your team's flexibility by allowing each employee to share his or her choice of workplace, whether in the office or telecommuting.

Your tools, our strength

Synchronize with Teams, Outlook and Google calendars for perfect harmony between your planning and our spaces. Facilitate your reservations and confirmations directly through the tools you use every day.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Whether via your computer or your phone, our application lets you confirm your presence and book spaces with ease. The flexibility of hybrid working, supported by technology at your service.

Promoting collaboration and well-being

Improve collaboration by working alongside your favorite colleagues. Locate their spaces and plan your presence to maximize productivity and well-being at work.

A useful platform for everyone

An interface designed to meet the needs of every user, whether manager, employee, visitor or assistant. Simplify the work experience for everyone with an accessible, intuitive solution.

100% integrated to your workplace

We offer integrations with several work tools to provide an optimal user experience and facilitate the organization of your workplace.

Workplace management solution for Deloitte

"With Jooxter, we've seen an improvement in booking and occupancy rates. We're also finding that employees can now use a solution that's available 24 hours a day, giving them flexibility and convenience. "

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