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Our sensors transform data into decisions for an optimized work environment.

What are the benefits of Workplace Sensors?

The right use of space contributes to everyone's efficiency, encourages collaboration and guarantees the right consumption of resources. Real estate managers need reliable data to know how much space (offices, meeting rooms, cafeteria, parking, etc.) is being used.

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in presence detection with our state-of-the-art sensors.

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energy optimization

by adjusting utilization to actual occupancy.

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to reduce search time

free spaces thanks to real-time display.

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increase in commitment

by improving comfort and accessibility.

Intelligence IoT at your fingertips

Deploy our state-of-the-art IoT sensors for accurate, real-time collection of your building's occupancy data. Turn every space into a source of strategic information for optimal management.

Commissioning in one click

Use our mobile app to commission your sensors quickly and easily. The streamlined process ensures smooth integration into your environment, without the need for in-depth technical expertise.

Vision 360° of your fleet

Control and manage your sensor fleet with our intuitive monitoring platform. Get a clear overview of the status of each sensor for efficient, responsive control.

Data synergy

Easily merge data from multiple sensors for global and detailed analysis. This feature enables in-depth understanding of occupancy patterns and informed decision-making.

Enrich everyday life

Connect your sensors to the Workplace Experience platform and create space release rules to significantly improve your employees' experience. Optimize every moment spent in the office with intelligent space management.

Autonomy and efficiency

Maintain your sensors autonomously with our suite of tools designed to simplify every step of the process. Guarantee optimum, continuous performance without external dependence.

RGPD compliance

- No personal data is collected.
- No visual recording: anonymous flow detection based on heat point detection.

SaaS solution

- Requires no additional resources on your servers and IT systems.
- Dedicated IOT/4G servers separate from your IPs.

Secure platform

- Compliance with information systems security best practices.
- Hosted by Microsoft Azur.

Why our occupancy sensors perform as well?

Our algorithms continuously detect changes in office occupancy. Different algorithms exploit real-time sensor data streams to provide you with specific reports on meeting room attendance, average/maximum/median open-space occupancy, etc.


All this helps define trends in office use. Our workplace algorithms help you to develop your layouts in a precise and controlled way.

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