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“ Quand nous cherchions un nouveau bureau, nous devions trouver une nouvelle solution pour réserver nos espaces de travail, nos présences au bureau ”

Marco BRUCATO - E-commerce Lead Italy

"For this year we have managed to reduce our surfaces by about 160 m², which represents a saving in terms of greenhouse gas emissions of 100 tons of CO2 over 2022, it will continue for the next few years. "

Matthieu HAUVUY - Real Estate Manager

 "We have gained in efficiency, simplicity and autonomy, as well as in optimization of our internal resources. Our teams don't want to go back to the old tools. " 

Mickaël VIVIEN - In charge of organization and IT

 "We are working on the topics of optimizing our spaces. Knowing what spaces are occupied. The Jooxter solution allows us to have that visibility into space occupancy and how we can further optimize it. " 

Stéphane BOULLAY - Director of Human Resources, Transformation and IT for CA Toulouse 31

"With Jooxter, we have seen an improvement in booking and occupancy rates. We also see that employees can now use a solution that is available 24 hours a day, providing flexibility and convenience. "

Yves CHÂTELET - Director of the Work Environment

"The COVID-19 period is causing us to rethink our logistics and rethink the Retirement Insurance of the future. We have accelerated the implementation of projects that will allow all of us to gain autonomy. This autonomy must be accompanied by solutions of which Jooxter is a part."

Véronique PUCHE - Director of Information Systems

"Since Jooxter's implementation, all employees can easily find a place and can book an office in their home location. Several sites in our entity have requested the same facility".

Alain MAKULENZKY - Research and Innovation

 "What's great about Jooxter is that it gives you a complete view of who's coming into the office tomorrow. That means you can plan your week and your trips to the office ahead of time knowing that the people you want to meet will be there. Ultimately, Jooxter delivers on its promise. Going to the office remains easy, without rigid rules or structures. " 

François AUPIC - Partner in charge of HR

 "We were looking for a workplace management tool. A solution that we could deploy across all of our offices. And Jooxter gave us that opportunity. The tool was pretty intuitive and easy to use. " 

Fréderic TALARICO - Facility Manager

"The Village's job is to be a sounding board, to spread the word, to be the prescriber for these start-ups.

So when Jooxter arrived at the Village, it was very natural for us to install the solution within the Village. To show that the Village was more successful with Jooxter than without Jooxter."

Fabrice MARSELLA - Directeur du village by CA Paris

"We were very pleased with the ease of deployment and the way the solution worked, and we would recommend it to our colleagues at other company sites. "

Philippe PICHON - Campus Director

"My employees gain autonomy with a real-time view of available space. "

Étienne PESNELLE - Director Global Digital Transformation

"We now offer more mobility to our employees thanks to Jooxter. "

Solen DUPIN - Quality Organization and Change Coordination Department

"The great thing about the Jooxter app is that it doesn't require a heavy infrastructure to put in, so there are no prerequisites. It's simple to install and quick to set up."

Jean-Luc LANFRANCHI - Project Manager, Information and Technology Division

"Jooxter is an easy-to-use, scalable solution available on the web and mobile. Jooxter helps us optimize the use of our rooms and gives us reliable visibility into space usage across our Paris tower."

Arnaud LACOTTE - Responsable service généraux

 "Jooxter is appreciated and useful, as it provides employees with new spaces to collaborate or isolate themselves, and boosts meeting room occupancy, as meeting rooms are less utilized. "

Pierre DEBRAUWERE - Director of the Terradeo campus

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