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Embrace the new hybrid work styles with Jooxter

Leader in workspace management and forerunner in the implementation of hybrid work and flex office, Jooxter accompanies you in this transition since 2014!

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Optimise your office utilisation to meet your team's needs with data from Jooxter.


Hybrid working will be in demand by more than 4 out of 5 employees in 2022. Use this way of working to make your teams more comfortable


Facilitate collaboration with Jooxter by helping employees reconnect physically in order to work together.

Jooxter intelligence

Jooxter makes your workspaces smarter

Jooxter solutions are the only ones that automatically synchronise face-to-face information with dynamic space management to make the most of your square footage.

Integrated into companies' collaborative tools (Google Calendar, Microsoft 365), they make employees' daily lives easier.

Jooxter solutions are non-intrusive (no work required) and turn key. Our industrialised process allows us to remotely deploy over 20,000 workstations in a week anywhere in the world.

Jooxter's solutions

Workspace photo: employees working together

Simplify collaboration

With hybrid work, physical distance has made collaboration and work organisation difficult, it is key to give employees visibility so they can gain flexibility and autonomy.

Photo with the Jooxter web interface

Optimise your office

Jooxter helps you collect your occupancy data and provides you with dashboards to understand it. You are able to optimise your workspace based on tangible data.

Photo of work spaces: meeting room and individual offices

Manage your workspace

Office usage has evolved with the new ways of working. It is now paramount to become flexible with a dynamic workspace management to adapt your usage to your teams’ needs.

Flex in the box

Flex in the box

Jooxter offers you to connect your space and take advantage of the global tool to move to the era of the connected space and optimize your spaces!

Bringing people together for a sustainable work environment

Everyday we make our clients’ and users’ workplace smarter

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