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Reveal your workspace potential

Optimise your square footage while adapting to new ways of working.

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Jooxter, a solution for dynamic workspace management

Jooxter is a web and mobile application that innovates collaborative spaces, its management and draws a clearer picture of its usage.

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Adapt to new ways of working by transforming your way of using offices

Change your ways of working

Support the transformation towards more mobility, remote working and hot desking, shared offices and collaborative spaces.

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Improve employee experience

Simplify the use of your offices and meeting rooms: save your teams time by making them more flexible

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Optimise every
square meter

Increase the availability of your shared spaces and analyse their use to adapt them to your employees’ true needs.

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Smart Occupancy: smart offices

Find a workspace

Locate at any time the workspace that best matches your needs: book it in just two clicks or simply occupy it. Learn More

Share available spaces

Increase your available square footage by sharing offices when its occupants are away. Learn More

Eliminate “no-show” bookings

Automatically adjust bookings according to their actual use, including cancelling “ghost bookings” to free up space. Learn More

Understand usage

Analyse the occupancy data to understand the use of your spaces and reorient them to optimise every square foot. Learn More

Integrated into your environment

Synchronise Jooxter to your collaborative tools and your building infrastructure so that the solution works along with your building data. Learn More

Integrated into smart buildings

Connect Jooxter to your smart building infrastructure to collect data from existing third-party sensors and manage occupant services (heating, cleaning, lightning). Learn More

More than 50,000 people are already using Jooxter

They transitioned towards smart workplaces

Ready to optimise your spaces’ usage?