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Workplace Experience

Your application to promote collaboration in hybrid mode

How do you reconcile face-to-face and remote working, while creating opportunities to work together? Workplace Experience combines flexibility and visibility to facilitate collaboration.

Workplace Sensors

Get reliable information on occupation of your spaces in real time

Knowing the actual occupancy of workplaces enables you to implement real estate strategy without making mistakes. Our intelligent sensors provide real-time visibility and reliable information.

Workplace analytics

Take the the right decisions thanks to data

Based on proven algorithms, Workplace Analytics enables you to identify areas for improvement and the relevant levers to activate to optimize floor space while making office teams more efficient.

What are the benefits?


Save up to 30% on your real estate costs without impacting employee well-being


Save up to 20% on your expansion costs with Jooxter. Optimize

Energy efficiency

Intelligent workspace management saves up to 25% on your energy bills

Hybrid work videoconferencing
Supporting changes to meeting room layout
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Our vision

Transform the way companies manage their workplace, helping them make the most of their resources and create environments conducive to professional fulfillment.

Our customers talk about us

"With Jooxter, we've seen an improvement in booking and occupancy rates. We're also finding that employees can now use a solution that's available 24 hours a day, giving them flexibility and convenience."

Yves Chatelet Director, Work Environment

"We've gained in efficiency, simplicity and autonomy, as well as optimizing our internal resources. Our teams don't want to go back to the old tools. "

Mickael Vivien Head of Organization and IT

"For this year we have managed to reduce our surface area by around 160 m², which represents a saving in terms of greenhouse gas emissions of 100 tonnes of CO2 over 2022, and this will continue for the next few years. "

Matthieu HAUVUY Real Estate Manager

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