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Rethink space usage for more efficiency and agility

Optimize your spaces, your square meters and last but not least: adapt their use to new ways of working.


Develop your environment

Change your way of working

Assist the transformation towards more mobility and sharing thanks to Flex Office, shared offices and collaborative spaces.

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Improve employee experience

Facilitating your offices, desks and meeting rooms’ usage: save your teams time by making them more agile.

Optimize every square foot

Improving shared spaces’ availability and analyzing their use in order to better suit employees’ needs.

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Smart Occupancy: the modern office

Finding a space

Locate the space which best matches your needs at any time: book it in one click, or just occupy it. Learn More >

Sharing unoccupied spaces

Getting more square footage by sharing offices when occupants are away.

Eliminate “no-show” bookings

Automatically adjust bookings according to real use, by cancelling “ghost bookings” for example.

Understanding usage

Analyze data by understanding your spaces’ occupancy and transforming their use in order to optimize every square foot. Learn More >

Integrated into your environment

Synchronize Jooxter with your collaborative tools and your building infrastructure in order to make the solution work along with your building data. Learn more >

Ready to optimize your spaces’ usage?

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