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Optimise your workspace

Optimize your spaces according to your real needs by homogenizing the uses and realize up to 30% space savings through the understanding of your live uses.

Collaborate in hybrid mode

Combine productivity and well-being at work by facilitating organization between colleagues and managers, and improve your employer brand through hybrid or flex office working!

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Energy efficiency

Take action to control and manage your energy costs. Use Jooxter to analyze your flows and occupancy rates. Optimize your square meters by making responsible decisions thanks to occupancy and usage statistics via IoT.

Simple, fast and connected

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Controlling your space

Automatically converge face-to-face information (telecommuting - flex office) with dynamic management.

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Integrated... everywhere!

User and calendar synchronization, integrationsauthentication: your tools are ours! Microsoft 365, Outlook, Teams... Jooxter integrates with your collaborative tools.

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A lightning deployment

Non-intrusive (no work required) and turnkey. A process that allows us to deploy your projects within 4 to 6 weeks.

They trust us to manage
their workspaces

"Since Jooxter was set up, all employees can easily find a space and reserve an office at their host site. Several of our sites have requested the same facility. "

Alain MAKULENZKY - Research and Innovation

"For this year we have managed to reduce our surfaces by about 160 m², which represents a saving in terms of greenhouse gas emissions of 100 tons of CO2 over 2022, it will continue for the next few years. "

Matthieu HAUVUY - Real Estate Manager

"What's great about Jooxter is that it gives you a complete view of who's coming into the office tomorrow. That means you can plan your week and your trips to the office ahead of time knowing that the people you want to meet will be there."

François AUPIC - Partner in charge of HR

Control your square meters and their use

By using information about how spaces are used, it is possible to optimize their design and operation to meet the needs of occupants while maximizing their efficiency.

Create more efficient, comfortable and sustainable spaces by leveraging usage pattern analysis to optimize space design and operation.

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Testimony of Stéphane BOULLAY - CA Toulouse 31



Presentation by Stéphane Boullay Stéphane Boullay, Director of Human Resources, Transformation and IT at Crédit Agricole de Toulouse.


You can watch the testimonial in video format on our YouTube channel. You can also consult the testimonial of of the Village by CA Paris.


Jooxter announces the acquisition of WX Solutions 


Jooxter, a French startup specializing in Workplace Management, today announces the acquisition of Wx Solutions, the French leader in workplace occupancy measurement and analysis, a Sodexo’s Group entity.


Jooxter application is available in Microsoft Teams


In the context of the Great Resignation in France, leaders and managers have become more attentive to the needs of their employees.


The development of hybrid work has also become a trigger for questioning organizational systems in companies.

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