Reveal the potential of your data

Discover how Workplace Analytics optimizes your workplace. Analyze data to improve productivity and make informed decisions.

What are the benefits of Workplace Analytics?

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improved use of space

thanks to precise insights into occupancy.

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to reduce real estate costs

by adapting space to actual use.

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increase in productivity

through a better understanding of user behavior.


automatically generated key reports

for effortless analysis.

Decrypt your spaces

Get a clear, precise picture of how your workspaces are used, from individual workstations to meeting rooms, breakout areas and company restaurants.

Understand your users

Get to the heart of your employees' habits to understand how and when they use different areas. This detailed understanding enables you to adjust your offer to real needs and improve the user experience.

Reinvent your space

Tailor the layout and quantity of available space to actual use. Transform your insights into concrete actions for a scalable, responsive and perfectly optimized work environment.

Your intelligence, automated

Set up automatic delivery of relevant reports and dashboards directly to your mailbox. Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization effortlessly, and stay abreast of the latest trends.

Savings under the microscope

Use your occupancy data to identify potential savings in your buildings. Our ID Card turns numbers into strategies, showing you where and how to cut costs effectively.

Your position, deciphered

Compare your building's performance with that of key players in your sector. Use our benchmarking tool to assess your competitiveness and identify areas for improvement based on industry best practices.

100% integrated to your workplace

We offer integrations with several work tools to provide an optimal user experience and facilitate the organization of your workplace.

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