Revolutionizing workspace management: Jooxter innovation combined with Legrand's new sensor

Revolutionizing workspace management: Jooxter innovation combined with Legrand's new sensor

Since its creation, Jooxter's vision has been to reinvent workspace management based on real occupancy data. In today's context, where flexibility and cost optimization are paramount, understanding and managing workspace has become essential.


A detailed analysis of occupancy not only enables resources to be better allocated, but also promotes energy efficiency and employee well-being, by avoiding overcrowding or under-utilization of space.


How has measuring the use of space evolved with modern technology?

Counting the number of people in a workspace has always been a challenge. In recent years, promising technologies have delivered more than they bargained for. Existing counting sensors on the market offered too narrow a spectrum (less than 20m2 on the floor) and lacked precision.


Systems based on counting via WiFi kiosks or even access badges ran up against issues of privacy and compliance with the RGPD. These methods also had other limitations, such as the inability to accurately detect actual presence in meeting spaces or collaborative areas, essential in modern office organization.


A multi-functional sensor with unique features undergoing technical verification

- Multi-disciplinary detection: the sensor combines ambient light, temperature, air quality and more in a single unit, saving space and installation costs.
- Thermal sensor: uses a thermal camera which is a bolometer technology, detecting electromagnetic radiation and converting it into heat, without recording video or photos, guaranteeing anonymity and privacy.
- Field of vision and coverage: 160° field of vision with maximum coverage of 8m x 8m and installation height from 2.5 to 4m.
- Detection zones: Management of 1 to 6 zones of interest and exclusion, with counting of up to 40 people.
- Connectivity and configuration: Simple configuration and connectivity to meet the security standards of large organizations.


New uses to optimize space and cut costs

Combined with Jooxter's expertise, the sensor offers unprecedented detailed analysis and optimization, meeting the needs of everyone in the company, from technical managers to employees.

The sensor not only measures, analyzes and compares the occupancy of meeting rooms and collaborative spaces, but also adapts the management of heating, ventilation and lighting according to occupancy, resulting in reduced energy costs and optimized use of resources.


New sensor being adopted by major OEMs

We were honored to preview the potential of this activity sensor at the Workspace Expo at the end of March. The show was a key event, enabling attendees to discover first-hand how our associated technologies are transforming workspaces, their understanding and management.

Today, major companies are already testing this sensor in their buildings, attesting to its effectiveness and adaptability to different business environments. These deployments are the real-life testing ground that confirms the interest and added value of our combined solutions.


Invitation to Experience

And we're not stopping there. For those who are curious and want to see the Legrand sensor in action, combined with our high-performance Jooxter software, we're opening the doors of our premises in Paris and Lille.

Come and experience how every square metre is intelligently optimized, and how technology is part of an approach that respects people and their environment.