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How can you make your employees part of your corporate culture?

One of the main social consequences of the health crisis is the weakening of relationships between employees.


The more global impact on the company focuses not only on its culture, but also on its image in the eyes of the general public and potential talent.


Corporate culture seems to be the common thread linking values, teams and consistency in the employee experience.


It is necessary to foster productivity, motivation and involvement.

Is the manager the forgotten face of the hybrid model?

The middle-manager, at the heart of the company's organization, seems to have suffered the consequences of a hybrid mode of working.


Its central role is becoming less enviable, but increasingly crucial in this period of transition to new ways of working.



In this webinar, we'll define the term middle-manager and its objectives in a hybrid model. We'll also look at the key factors to help them make this transition.

ENGLISH WEBINAR - How can you design a sustainable office while benefiting well-being?

In 2022, knowing what employees need from their post-pandemic workplaces seems to be a real challenge.


The emergency is to understand how they will use the space provided, to design environments that maximize the benefits of hybrid working.


Sustainability and well-being will be the two keywords which lead this webinar.

The user at the heart of energy efficiency

Since the end of the pandemic, companies have been reorganizing their operations, integrating energy sobriety into their habits.


Today, with the explosion in energy costs, the challenge is to optimize resources and workspaces with a view to saving energy, while maintaining a high level of productivity.


The objective for companies? Integrate sustainable, low-cost solutions that can be deployed very quickly with the help of employees.

How do you reconcile the needs of companies and employees in the age of hybrid working?

Discussions will focus on a number of themes:
  • Employee and company expectations
  • How do you frame your needs?
  • Here are a few examples of use cases

Reinventing your employee experience for the future of work

The theme of this exchange:


👉 Reinventing your employee experience for the future of work 👈


Discussions will focus on a number of themes:


  • Current trends in workspace usage
  • How can we rethink the supply of workspaces to meet employees' needs?
  • How can we define well-being at work as the focal point of all these transformations?

5 tips to successfully implement hybrid work

The speakers are Rob Wright, Co-founder of Spaceology, Fabien Girerd, CEO of Jooxter and Olga Lazko, Managing Partner at Jooxter.

Course of the webinar :

  • Presentation of the speakers Spaceology and Jooxter
  • Exchange of views on the challenges of hybrid work and the trends observed
  • 5 tips for implementing hybrid work
  • Questions / Answers

Flex Office, Hybrid Work: How to optimize your workspaces with the help of the IoT?

Jooxter welcomed Orange, partner since 2016 on the Orange Datavenue network, during this exceptional webinar!


Speakers include Thierry Gaillet, BTB and IOT Partnership Managers, Fabien Girerd, CEO of Jooxter, and Olga Lazko, Managing Partner at Jooxter.


Course of the webinar :


  • Introducing Orange and Jooxter
  • Discussing the advent of the hybrid world
  • How can we make employees' new daily lives easier?
  • Understands how to use space to make decisions
  • IOT: application and architecture of the Orange network
  • Questions / Answers

Deploying a hybrid work solution in 4 countries simultaneously with Alter Domus

The speakers were Frederic Talarico, Facility Manager at Alter Domus, Edison Meqa, Facility Officer at Alter Domus, with the participation of Pierre-Michaël Zutterling from CEL, and moderated by Romain Dusautier, Key Account Manager at Jooxter.


Course of the webinar :


  • Presentation of the speakers Alter Domus, CEL and Jooxter
  • Details of the relationship between Jooxter and CEL, including integrations
  • Sharing Alter Domus issues
  • Feedback on the need and the solution provided
  • Questions / Answers

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Our latest news

Jooxter takes over Wx Solutions from Sodexo

Date: 05/17/2023


Jooxter has announced that it has taken over Wx Solutions from Sodexo. The result is a giant in workspace management at a key moment when the hybridization of work is accelerating.

BFM Business - Interview Thibaud DROUET

Date: 28/03/2023


This Monday, March 27, BFM Business welcomed Thibaud Drouet, Jooxter's Director of Operations, to the 90 Minutes Business avec vous program on BFM Business.

Perpetuum - the customer magazine by EnOcean Smart building interoperability for a digital workplace experience

Date : 16/11/2022

In this new era, our way of working has undergone a dramatic shift toward the hybrid work model...

Jooxter at the forefront of hybrid working

Date : 11/06/2021

Jooxter, the start-up specializing in professional space management, launched an application on Thursday morning that provides complete visibility of its employees...

A Tool For The Hybrid Working Era - Jooxter - Silicon Luxembourg

Date : 01/11/2022

New ways of working require new solutions. Fabien Girerd, CEO and founder of Jooxter explains how their workspace management solution solves some of the problems hybrid working companies face...

Launches new Essential Collaboration Pack of Jooxter to help people plan where they work

Date : 24/05/2021

Jooxter launches new Essential Collaboration Pack to help people plan where they work...

Datavenue Challenge: 10 IoT solutions win awards!

Date: 08/04/2021

The final of the Datavenue Challenge took place on April 8, 2021 and rewarded 10 B2B IoT products or services that combine innovation and performance to serve companies...

Despite the health crisis, smart building startups remain dynamic

Date: 26/03/2021


According to a study by IFOP, IACI, WITTYFIT, relayed by Wawestone, specialists in business and organizational transformation, 74% of employees think there will be a before and after crisis covid-19...

Replay: Conference on new post-covid 19 work organizations

Date: 18/03/2021


On March 18, our Enjeux RH web morning "Après la covid-19, les nouvelles organisations du travail" (After covid-19, new work organizations) looked at the impact of the pandemic on work organizations, and what will remain of them. We spoke to Hélène Gemähling...

Technological innovations and retail: key trends in 2021

Date: 02/17/2021

On February 11, Deloitte, INfluencia and Urban Sublime organized a CES and NRF debrief conference, followed by a round table*. It was an opportunity to share the most striking and disruptive innovations...

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