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How to make your employees actors of your company culture?

One of the main social consequences of the health crisis in companies is the weakening of relations between employees.


The more global impact on the company focuses on its culture, but also its image towards the general public and potential talents.


Corporate culture seems to be the common thread that binds values and teams together and allows for consistency in the employee experience. It is necessary to foster productivity, motivation and involvement.


Furthermore, individual and collective needs must be taken into consideration in order to build a viable identity.


The work spaces, their organization and their layout will make it possible to materialize this culture.


However, today's challenge remains to take into account the social and ecological transition. In short, it is a matter of developing common and deep values with employees.


Invités :


– Henri Coulloumme (Consultant associé chez Bloom Inside)


– Talia Lipiec (Co-fondatrice & CEO chez fizYou)


– Gaëlle Bassuel (Fondatrice & CEO chez YesWeShare)


– Agathe Silvain (Communication Manager chez Jooxter)


Durée : 45 minutes

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Webinar Henri COULLOUMME


Consultant associé chez Bloom Inside


Co-fondatrice & CEO chez FizYou


Fondatrice & CEO chez YesWeShare


Communication Manager chez JOOXTER

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