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Integrate Jooxter with your software and buildings

Integrate Jooxter into your office and have everything you need for your meetings: the right temperature, a particular layout, or even food and beverage services: if you can think of something, you can do it with Jooxter
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Book from your calendar

Synchronizing with Office 365, Exchange and Google

Synchronization is done server to server, which means no plugin to install on laptops.  Simple, fast and secured.

As you used to do

Set meetings from Jooxter or your professional calendar.  Bookings will automatically be synchronized from one platform to the other.


Jooxter only has access to your meeting rooms’ events.  We do not access employees’ personal calendars. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Provide the Jooxter platform with your building data

Identify occupancy data

Several sources can provide Jooxter’s solution with data:  sensors already built into your environment, your Centralized Technical Management system (which can communicate) or other solutions able to detect occupancy.

Provide it to Jooxter

Simply use our APIs dedicated to occupancy to provide us this data. Or just ask for some help from our teams. This is part of our support.

Boost analysis and services

Once integrated and standardized, this data will allow you to automate and reinforce Jooxter services.

Connect your user database

Automatically updated

You do not have to inform Jooxter of each new hire.  Just use our APIs or LDAP protocol to update the database.

Secured log-in

Thanks to SSO (Single Sign On), your teams use a single user ID: their regular work user ID.  Connecting to Jooxter is then fast, simple and secured.

Go further thanks to our APIs

Provide all necessary comforts to your employees and your clients. Adjust the heat for particular bookings or add food and beverage service. If you can imagine it, we have the APIs to do it.

A SaaS cloud and secured service

Cloud based

Jooxter is hosted in the cloud, inside the European Union. This allows our teams to regularly improve the solution, provide better deployment, and simplify support. Most importantly, it guarantees a quality of service of over 99%.

Data encrypted

We use the best security standards for bank transactions. Hosted data, and communications between the applications and our servers, are encrypted and strictly authenticated.

Continuous innovation

Thanks to our automatic updates, your teams have access to the latest Jooxter features and updates. They can enjoy those functionalities without impacting their productivity, and Jooxter provides transparency to your IT department.

Join 26 major clients who have already integrated Jooxter into their ecosystem

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