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Our integrations

We offer integrations with a variety of business tools to provide an optimal user experience and facilitate workspace organization. These integrations allow the Jooxter application to be connected to third-party media such as Outlook, Google and Teams.



With these integrations, users can easily access workspace information and meeting room availability.

Calendar synchronization

We have integrated our application into various media to allow synchronization of resource reservations between your regular calendar & Jooxter!

Microsoft Office logo page integrations


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Office 365 is the Microsoft solution that allows companies to benefit, in the public or hybrid cloud, from the entire Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...)
Microsoft Exchange logo


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Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted email solution that provides email, calendars, contacts and tasks from PCs, the web and mobile devices.
Logo Google workspace page integrations


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Google Workspace includes a personalized email address, video conferencing, Calendar and Docs, and other collaboration and communication tools for your business.

Jooxter applications on the Microsoft Store

A seamless integration for users of the Microsoft suite, directly from the Microsoft store.

Ready to use in 5 minutes!


No more switching from one application to another,
No more asking your colleagues where they are,
No more double or triple bookings or empty rooms!

Teams logo page integration


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Microsoft Teams is the ideal messaging application for your organization: a workspace for real-time collaboration, communication and meetings.
Outlook logo integration page


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Outlook is a software from the Microsoft Office suite that allows you to receive and send emails, to classify them, but also to manage a complete address book, to manage tasks and your time.

User Synchronization

Among our integrations, we offer our customers two methods to manage user groups in the tool: API

We provide a REST API that allows you to create, modify and delete users. For our customers with complex and heterogeneous environments who could not use the standard SCIMstandard, this method offers you the possibility to set up specific procedures.

logo API page integration


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Jooxter has its own API. An API is a set of programming code that allows the transmission of data between one software product and another.
SCIM logo page integration


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The SCIM specification provides a common user schema for provisioning. Used with federation standards such as SAML or OpenID Connect.


Regarding Jooxter's authentication integrations, it is possible to log in to different services using the same login and password. (For example, with a Google login or Oktalogin, you can log in to different websites if they allow it).


With SSO, Jooxter users can log into the application with their work email and password.

azure logo page integrations


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Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud application platform. (outsourcing of a company's IT resources to remote datacenters).
Logo Google workspace page integrations


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Google allows the user to access several Google services such as "Search" and "Drive" in an authenticated manner and to manage certain data collected through these services.
Okta logo


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Okta is a service that allows your employees, customers and partners to securely access the tools they need for their work.

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