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Jooxter optimized the use of space at Village by CA Paris - Testimonials

Le Village by CA Paris, grand supporter de Jooxter depuis ses débuts. Grâce à son incubation au sein du Village, Jooxter a su se faire connaître auprès de l’un de ses plus grands comptes : le Crédit Agricole. C’est alors qu’une longue histoire se crée, Jooxter s’implante peu à peu dans les différents Villages et dans les Caisses régionales du Groupe. Jooxter aide, aujourd’hui, la plupart des entités du Crédit Agricole à gérer leurs espaces de travail et analyser les flux d’occupation face au travail hybride et au flex office.

Quant au travail hybride, il consiste à combiner les avantages du travail en présentiel et du travail à distance. Les employés peuvent alterner entre les deux modalités selon leurs besoins et les besoins de l’entreprise. Cela permet de bénéficier de l’interaction en face à face lorsque cela est nécessaire. Cela améliore également la flexibilité et l’économie de temps et de coûts liée au travail à distance.

Par ailleurs, le flex office (ou espace de travail flexible) est un concept qui permet aux employés de travailler dans des espaces de bureaux adaptés à leurs besoins. Il s’agit d’un système de gestion des espaces de travail qui permet aux employés de choisir où et quand ils souhaitent travailler. Cela évite de se conformer à des horaires et à des emplacements fixes. Cela comprend des espaces de travail partagés, des salles de réunion, des espaces de détente et des espaces de travail privés. Le flex office permet aux employés de travailler dans des environnements adaptés à leur style de travail. Ce qui peut améliorer leur productivité et leur bien-être au travail.


Interview Fabrice Marsella


Avant tout, nous remercions Fabrice Marsella, dirigeant du Village Paris depuis 8 ans et Elen Bollache, Communication Manager au Village pour leur témoignage sur l’implantation de Jooxter au Village de Paris. Ils nous expliquent en quoi Jooxter les a aidé à optimiser l’utilisation des espaces et à organiser la vie de l’écosystème. La productivité et la flexibilité semble être au rendez-vous pour les start-ups innovantes.

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"I'm Fabrice Marsella and I've been running the Village Paris for 8 years."


What is the connection between Village by CA Paris and Jooxter? 

"The Village's job is to act as a sounding board, to make people aware of these start-ups and to be their prescriber. 

So when Jooxter came to the Village, it was only natural for us to install the solution in the Village. To show that the Village was better off with Jooxter than without. 

As a result, we were able to mobilize and promote Jooxter to all other Crédit Agricole Villages. We are not the only Village today that is equipped with Jooxter. And likewise, the Crédit Agricole Regional Banks have been able to learn about the solution and some have already implemented it."


The Village by CA Paris, beta tester of Jooxter? 

"In 7 years of using Jooxter, I have seen the evolution of the solution, which now incorporates feedback from its users. There are 80 start-ups in the Village, which represents 300 people. So 300 people who, on a daily basis, use and test the new Jooxter features.

As a result, today it is an ultra-optimized solution that has evolved each year for the benefit of our daily life in the Village.

Jooxter is the perfect example of what we like to support at the Village. Start-ups that arrive very young and that, alongside the ecosystem, we see them grow. Today, Jooxter is no longer a small start-up, it's growing rapidly and I can't wait to test the new features that will be offered to customers.


Interview Elen Bollache

"My name is Elen Bollache and I am the Communication Manager at Village by CA Paris. My role is to communicate with our different targets: start-ups and corporations, as we have these two areas of activity. I'm also in charge of improving the customer experience of start-ups within the Village.


What is your relationship with Jooxter?

"In fact, I know Jooxter from a previous experience since I was in an investment fund that had financed Jooxter. So I had the pleasure of meeting the start-up again when I arrived at Village by CA Paris. 

Our initial problem was that we had a lot of start-ups on the site. 85 start-ups for 9 meeting rooms, so we were concerned about fluidity. That's why we called on Jooxter, to book these rooms and make sure everyone gets their money's worth."


How do you think Jooxter and its product have evolved? 

"We have found that the product has evolved a lot in the last year and a half. We are fortunate to meet with the Jooxter teams in the Village Square and they are very responsive and attentive to issues. I can mention the sensors that have been installed in the phone booths. This way, we know directly if the booth is taken or if it is free. This allows a real fluidity. 

Our biggest issue is the customer experience for start-ups. We need them to have the best experience in the facility when they arrive. Jooxter has helped improve that experience and life in the Village in general. In addition, the solution has removed the sticking point that was, managing meeting rooms or phone booths."


A little word for the end?

"The Village by CA Paris is very happy to welcome Jooxter. We're excited to see how the startup will evolve going forward."


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Here are our top tips to remember:

To optimize the work spaces in an office, here are some tips:

  1. Make efficient use of available space by using modular furniture and creating shared workspaces to increase flexibility.
  2. Use ergonomic furniture and accessories to improve employee comfort and physical health.
  3. Create an inspiring environment by using color, light and materials to enhance the work environment.
  4. Use technology tools to improve employee communication, collaboration and efficiency.
  5. Use environmental management methods to improve air, light and temperature quality in workspaces.
  6. Organize your workspace so that you can quickly and easily put your things away at the end of the day.
  7. If you share the workspace with others, use storage solutions to separate work areas.
  8. Listen to your desires and needs, adapt your layout accordingly to be as productive as possible.

Pour finir, il est important de noter que l’optimisation des espaces de travail n’est pas une solution unique. Il est nécessaire de combiner les différentes méthodes en fonction des besoins de l’entreprise et de ses employés pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats.

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