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Find in this testimonial all the advantages of flex office and Jooxter according to Crédit Agricole. A new way of working but already in place before the covid crisis for this regional bank which has been practicing it since 2017. Discover the various challenges of the flex office policy.

Presentation of Stéphane Boullay and Crédit Agricole Toulouse

"Hello, I'm Stéphane Boullay, I'm Director of Human Resources, Transformation and IT at Crédit Agricole Toulouse 31. Crédit Agricole Toulouse 31 is 1350 employees in the whole department of Haute-Garonne."


What means have you put in place in terms of flex-office? 

"We equipped headquarters and network employees with laptops as early as 2017 and they could connect from anywhere in the company whether it was in the branch or at headquarters."


What can you tell us about the Jooxter solution? 

"We looked for a solution that would allow us to have a mapping and that would be efficient, simple and intuitive enough for an employee. To have a visualization of what offices are available in the place I want to go and be able to reserve them if they are. 

Previously, everyone was trying to juggle to get a space and eventually it empowered everyone in that organization and operation. That was one of our first benefits of Jooxter. We didn't have to do a recall, it went into the company's routine pretty easily ."


What does the solution allow you to do? 

"We are working on the topics ofoptimizing our spaces. Knowing what spaces are occupied. The Jooxter solution allows us to have that visibility intospace occupancy and how we can further optimize it."


How did the Jooxter solution help you in your decision making? 

"Fortunately, we had this tool that allowed us to get these measurements quickly. The solution is simple and easy enough to help us have a vision, a quick analysis. Therefore, thanks to Jooxter, I am able to tell what the occupancy rates are in different bubbles, meeting rooms and spaces in general. Moreover, this is a reflection that has been pushed to the head office as well. If tomorrow, we are only 50% present during the day, we will concentrate people on 3 floors instead of 7. As a result, we will reduce electricity and heating on the other 4 unused floors. Consequently, these are questions that we have to ask ourselves. Especially if the situation we are experiencing today tends to continue. We all have a role to play and so do businesses." 


We would like to thank Crédit Agricole and Stéphane Boullay for their precious testimony. It allows you to see the advantages of the flex office in a company, notably the real estate costs and the layout of the spaces with the reorganization of the teams.

Please contact us to learn more about Jooxter and our support for more flexible work styles if this article has piqued your interest.