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Are you looking for an office and collaborative space management solution that simplifies your employees' lives while optimizing your square footage? Jooxter is the platform that lets you manage and optimize the use of all your spaces.


Calculate your smart score and reduce your ESG impact... for real!

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Jooxter helps you find the perfect space for your needs, and optimizes your usage by offering the right place, on the right floor, at the right time.

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In hybrid mode, Jooxter encourages your teams to collaborate by proposing the best day to meet, physically or remotely, to improve your exchanges.

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Support your teams to improve their quality of life at work, just as they do at home, and strengthen their sense of belonging.


Your benefits

Enable you to manage your workspaces from a single platform. Whether you manage a team or are an individual employee, we guarantee you 3 advantages:


Optimized user experience

A single application for accessing offices, meeting rooms and informal collaborative spaces, and an average 30% higher occupancy rate


Rapid, remote deployment

Up to 20,000 positions deployed per week thanks to our industrialized process


Integration with your collaborative tools

Jooxter synchronizes with your corporate directory (Active Directory) and business calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar & Microsoft 365)


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