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With the new integration of the Jooxterintegration, there is no need to switch between applications. You can have all the features of Jooxter available in your Microsoft Teams application!


Indeed, when employees work with multiple applications throughout the day, it can result in wasted time that can affect the user experience.


By having a single tool, the experience is seamless and professional as employees don't have to stop and think about which applications they should use.

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Main features
of the Jooxter application

👀 Visualize who is in the office this week.

Is one of your colleagues not responding in chat? Click on the Jooxter icon in the sidebar and find out on the Colleagues page if they are offsite or maybe just busy.

👥 Join your colleagues to collaborate with them
more easily

Is your team scheduled to work together on a project this week? Click on the Jooxter icon in the sidebar and reserve an area/space for all of you with a few clicks. Sit together near each other all week and collaborate!

📆 Organize your week directly from
your Teams interface

Trying to plan when to come into the office next week? Click on the Jooxter icon in the sidebar and find out on your homepage when most of your favorite colleagues will be in the office!

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👩🏻‍💻 Reserve a space in a few clicks

Were you planning to work from home but it looks like you'll have to be in the office on Friday? Click on the Jooxter icon in the sidebar and easily book an office, your location will also be updated automatically!

📍 Locate your colleagues

Did your co-worker just tell you they need to check something out in person? Click on the Jooxter icon in the sidebar and find out which desktop he or she is currently working on to visit.

🗓 Reserve a space directly from the calendar
of your team

The discussion group decides to schedule a meeting tomorrow? Go to your calendar Microsoft Teams calendar and book a room synchronized with Jooxter in one minute! The reservation will be posted on Jooxter, so everyone will know the room is occupied.

How do I start the Jooxter
application for Microsoft Teams?

If you don't have the app installed, go directly to the Applications section of the sidebar, search for the Jooxter app and download it! Once the app is installed, you will see the Jooxter icon in your docked sidebar.


The application is available on the Microsoft store here !