92% of employees want to switch to hybrid working

How do you reconcile face-to-face and remote working, while creating opportunities to work together? Jooxter combines flexibility and visibility to facilitate collaboration. Let's make hybrid ways of working your strength today and tomorrow.

Your application for hybrid collaboration

Thanks to Jooxter's functionalities, you can empower yourself and your colleagues in the organization of face-to-face and remote training.

Sharing your workplace

Employees can choose where they want to work, either in the office or at home, a week in advance or the day before.

Face-to-face or distance learning?

Thanks to the location-filtered view, each employee and manager can select the right workplace for their teams.

Find your colleagues

Visualizing your colleagues' choice of workplace simplifies the organization of meetings and encourages spontaneous collaboration.

hybrid work

Your benefits

We've designed Jooxter to enable teams to collaborate in a hybrid work environment. Whether you're a team, an SME or a large enterprise, our package guarantees 3 benefits:

Quick and easy to deploy

Our solution can be deployed remotely, within a short timeframe, and adapted to your needs. Wireless, no special infrastructure is required.

A scalable solution

Your offer evolves according to your needs. We offer SSO, calendar synchronization and API integration as options.


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