How Assurance Retraite organizes new ways of working for its employees

Retirement Insurance is undergoing a global transformation: real estate developments, new ways of working, employees' growing expectations of their working environment, concerns about work/life balance... These issues had to be prioritized because of the COVID epidemic.

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Jooxter supported Assurance Retraite for the dynamic management of workstations. The aim is to manage the rotation of on-site teams, while empowering employees.

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"The COVID-19 period has led us to rethink our logistics and to rethink the Assurance Retraite of the future. We have accelerated the implementation of projects enabling us all to gain in autonomy. This autonomy must be accompanied by solutions of which Jooxter is a part: dynamic management of workspaces, implementation of telecommuting... understanding who works where and when, while respecting the health framework in place."

How does Assurance Retraite use Jooxter?

Jooxter will support the Assurance Retraite company in the gradual implementation of new working methods. Against a backdrop of stricter health regulations, Jooxter enables teams to organize their presence on site, indicating which workstations are accessible according to the rules and agreements defined between managers and teams. This fine-tuned organization of all spaces guarantees the necessary "traceability" of their use.

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Jooxter will also enable Assurance Retraite to organize employees' teleworking. Each employee will be able to consult the on-site presence of his or her colleagues, a feature that has proved extremely popular with managers, as Véronique Puche explains: "Today, Jooxter will enable us to promote new working habits, organize the rotation of teams on site, communicate accessible spaces to employees, give managers visibility over the on-site presence of teams, and access the history of work positions used," explains Véronique Puche.

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