Deloitte's solution for workspace management

Jooxter is a web and mobile application for dynamic workspace management.


The solution helps Deloitte to adapt to new hybrid work modes and manage workspaces.

Jooxter and Deloitte have been working together since 2016.


Our tool is now in use in France, Greece and Italy. Installation is carried out remotely by Deloitte.

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Interview with Yves CHATELET - Work Environment Director at Deloitte

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"Although meeting rooms are usually booked in our calendar, they sometimes remained unoccupied. Given the cost of rental space, it was important to optimize the occupancy rate of our offices. With Jooxter, we've seen an improvement in both booking and occupancy rates. We've also noticed that employees can now use a solution that's available 24 hours a day, giving them flexibility and ease of use".

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Multi-site management

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Collaboration facilitator

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Optimizing occupancy

Flexible, hybrid workplace

  • I plan my week: in the office, remotely, or even when traveling.


  • Before coming to the office, I book an office with Jooxter.


  • Reserving my office automatically adjusts my status.


  • When I arrive, I confirm my presence by scanning the QR code, so that my team now knows where to find me.

Room management

  • A few days before my meeting, I book a room on the Jooxter web application or on my business calendar.


  • My reservation is synchronized with my professional calendar


  • If I enter the meeting room on time, the presence sensor automatically confirms my registration.


  • If I finish my meeting early, the meeting room is automatically freed up and made available to my colleagues.

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