L'Oréal visualizes workspace occupancy in real time with Jooxter

Founded in 1909 by Eugène Schueller, l'Oréal is the world leader in cosmetics, investing heavily in R&D. Indexed on Euronext and backed by major investors such as the Bettencourt family and Nestlé. L'Oréal has sales of 26 billion. Their brand portfolio is international, based on 34 different brands.

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Jooxter and l'Oréal in figures:

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"We were very satisfied with the ease of deployment and the way the solution worked, and would recommend it to our colleagues at other company sites".


Lack of agility and precision in legacy solutions


With around fifty self-service bubbles spread over 3 levels, wandering the corridors to find an available space was time-consuming.

The presence detectors installed for building management did not allow integration with a Workspace business solution. How could self-service workspace management bubbles be harmoniously integrated?

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LoRa network occupancy detection and open APIs


With Axians' LoRa connectivity, we were able to deploy our Plug & Play IoT without any constraints. Presence sensors deliver real-time occupancy data to employees.

Dashboards enable managers to understand how the solution is helping them, and at what level.

The Jooxter API offers additional agility by providing access to data for integration into the internal business application developed by l'Oréal for its occupants.

Data-oriented results for the Campus Real Estate Department


By integrating Jooxter into their internal application, the new mobility flows have emptied the corridors of room researchers. Through internal and external applications, data is harmoniously interconnected, enabling L'Oréal to make the most of their Smart Building.

LoRa connectivity and gateways enable data to be exchanged quickly and securely, even in buildings with a unique architecture.

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